The 2024 LIV Golf season promises to elevate the exhilaration and competitive spirit in the world of golf, starting February 1st with the highly anticipated LIV Golf Miami event 1. With a staggering prize purse of $25 million at each of the ten tournaments and a new team-based competition to spice up the gameplay, the LIV Golf leaderboard is set to feature breathtaking performances across world-renowned venues including Trump National Doral, The American Club, and more 1. This season not only marks the introduction of a novel format with 54 holes played over three rounds without a cut but also heralds an exciting collaboration with the PGA Tour, broadening horizons for LIV Golf members 1.

The season’s extensive coverage on major networks, alongside exclusive digital broadcasts on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, ensures fans won’t miss a moment of the action, spotlighting the liv scoreboard and video highlights 12. As the season unfolds, the LIV Golf London event will draw the season to a close, crowning the champions in a spectacle of golfing prowess 1. With world-class players competing in both individual and team events, the 2024 LIV Golf League is set to be a season of surprises, showcasing the sport’s evolution and the growing synergy between traditional golf institutions and innovative formats 12.

Overview of LIV Golf

LIV Golf, a groundbreaking league funded by Golf Saudi, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabia PIF, aims to revolutionize the traditional golf scene by offering a dynamic and modernized approach to the sport 4. This initiative was born out of a desire to inject new life into golf, appealing to both long-time enthusiasts and those new to the game 5.

Key Features of LIV Golf:

  • Teams and Players: The league boasts 13 teams, each comprising four players, alongside a roster of 54 players that includes some of the sport’s most celebrated names like Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, and Bryson DeChambeau 68.
  • Format and Prize Money: Unique to LIV Golf, the format includes 54-hole tournaments with shotgun starts, eliminating cuts and ensuring every player competes throughout the event. The team competition distributes $50 million in prize money across the season, while individual events offer $25 million per tournament 6.
  • Engagement and Accessibility: Beyond the green, LIV Golf enhances the fan experience with a comprehensive leaderboard, stats, and standings available for each tournament. The league also features a fantasy section, a rewards program, and an official shop for exclusive merchandise. For those seeking deeper engagement, LIV Golf provides ample news, player information, and team details 5.

By reimagining the structure and presentation of golf tournaments, LIV Golf is set to captivate a global audience, promising a season filled with unparalleled excitement and competition 56.

Key Changes in the 2024 Season

The 2024 LIV Golf season is introducing significant changes that promise to reshape the competition and enhance the viewing experience. Here are the key updates:

  1. New Team Dynamics:
    • Introduction of a 13th team, Legion XIII, captained by Jon Rahm, enriching the team roster and competition 11.
    • A pivotal change in scoring, with the final round now including all four player scores for each team, adding a strategic layer to the final day’s play 11.
    • Advancement criteria for the team championship have been updated, with the top 12 teams following the final regular season event moving forward to compete in the team championship 11.
  2. Player and Field Adjustments:
    • The field size has expanded to 54 players, incorporating two wild card players at each event, broadening the competitive landscape 11.
    • A new classification system for players based on their season finish – Lock Zone (1-24), Open Zone (25-48), and Drop Zone (49 and lower) – introduces a structured approach to player retention and league progression 11.
  3. Schedule and Qualification:
    • The 2024 season boasts 14 events across various international venues, offering a diverse and global competition stage 12.
    • Players can secure their place in the 2024 LIV Golf League through winning the 2023 Asian Tour International Series Order of Merit or finishing in the top three at the 2023 LIV Golf Promotions event, providing clear pathways for emerging talents 14.

Highlighting New Players and Teams

The 2024 LIV Golf season welcomes fresh talents and new team compositions, promising an exciting mix of experienced players and rising stars. Noteworthy additions to the player roster include:

  • Caleb Sorat, a 19-year-old who recently turned professional, has shown remarkable performance and is now part of Jon Rahm’s Legion XIII alongside Tyrrell Hatton and Kieran Vincent 31617.
  • Tyrrell Hatton, scoring an impressive seven under par 64, joins Legion XIII, bringing his experience as a one-time PGA Tour winner and a six-time DP World Tour winner 320.
  • Adrian Meronk, celebrated as the 2023 DP World Tour Player of the Year, brings his prowess to the all-European Cleeks GC, further strengthening the team with his exceptional skills 20.

New Teams and Strategic Signings:

  • Legion XIII: Led by Jon Rahm, this team now boasts the talents of Tyrrell Hatton, Caleb Surratt, and Kieran Vincent, making it a formidable lineup for the season 17.
  • Cleeks GC: Martin Kaymer’s team welcomes Adrian Meronk and Kalle Samooja, aiming for strategic depth with players who have shown significant promise 2021.
  • Rippers GC: Cameron Smith’s all-Australian team is reinforced by Lucas Herbert, adding to the team’s competitive edge with Herbert’s track record on the DP World Tour and PGA Tour 20.

These strategic signings and team compositions hint at an electrifying season ahead, with veterans and newcomers alike set to showcase their skills on the global stage.

Schedule and Venues

The 2024 LIV Golf season boasts an expansive schedule, taking the competition across various global venues, and ensuring a diverse and thrilling experience for both players and fans alike. Here’s a closer look at the scheduled events and their locations:

  • February 2-4: LIV Mayakoba at El Camaleon Golf Course, Mexico 10182425
  • February 8-10: LIV Las Vegas at Las Vegas Country Club, USA 10182425
  • March 1-3: LIV Jeddah at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club, Saudi Arabia 182425
  • March 8-10: LIV Hong Kong at Hong Kong Golf Club 10182425
  • April 5-7: LIV “USA”, location and course To Be Announced 10182425
  • April 26-28: LIV Adelaide at The Grange Golf Club, Australia 10182425
  • May 3-5: LIV Singapore at The Serapong at Sentosa Golf Club 10182425
  • June 7-9: LIV Houston at The Golf Club of Houston, USA 10182425
  • June 21-23: LIV Nashville at The Grove Golf Club, USA 10182425
  • July 12-14: LIV Andalucia at Real Club Valderrama, Spain 10182425
  • July 25-28: LIV UK at JCB Golf and Country Club, Staffordshire, United Kingdom 10182425
  • August 16-19: LIV Greenbrier at The Old White Course at The Greenbrier, USA 10182425
  • Individual Championship: Date and Location To Be Confirmed 182425
  • Team Championship: Date and Location To Be Confirmed 182425

This schedule showcases the league’s commitment to bringing high-stakes golf to fans worldwide, with each venue selected for its unique challenges and beauty.

Controversies and Challenges

LIV Golf, despite its groundbreaking approach and substantial prize fund, faces significant controversies and challenges that could impact its future trajectory and acceptance within the broader golfing community:

  • Legal and Ranking Challenges:
    • A hefty legal dispute with Premier Golf League over intellectual property rights, with potential settlement figures soaring above $12.65M 4.
    • The absence of Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) points for LIV Golf events, attributed to its ‘closed-shop’ nature, team captains, and long-term contracts, complicating players’ ability to qualify for Majors 48.
  • Viewership and Revenue Disparities:
    • LIV Golf’s struggle to attract substantial viewership, with audience numbers not surpassing a few hundred thousand, starkly contrasts with the PGA Tour’s significant viewership and $500+ million revenue from domestic TV partners 15.
    • Challenges in converting TV rights into substantial revenue, with total earnings from CW not exceeding $3 million 15.
  • Legal Rulings and Arbitration:
    • A federal judge’s ruling favouring the PGA Tour on critical issues ahead of a hearing 27.
    • An arbitration ruling supporting DP World Tour’s right to suspend golfers who joined LIV 8.
    • Potential implications for Saudi Arabia’s sovereign immunity in U.S. courts if an appeal is pursued 27.


As the 2024 LIV Golf season tees off, it brings with it a host of innovations and the promise of elevating the global golfing landscape. The introduction of a new team-based competition, significant prize purses, and the integration of high-profile players and teams underscores a transformative period for the sport. These developments not only enhance the competitive dynamics but also extend the sport’s appeal to a broader audience. The collaboration with the PGA Tour, in particular, signals a pivotal moment, indicating a growing synergy between traditional golf institutions and innovative formats that could redefine the future of professional golf.

The potential impact of LIV Golf’s innovative approach extends beyond the green, signalling a shift towards more engaging and inclusive golfing events that promise to captivate audiences worldwide. While challenges and controversies remain, the strategic changes and the promise of an electrifying season highlight the league’s commitment to reshaping the sport. As we anticipate the unfolding of the 2024 season, the broader implications for the golf community and beyond remain to be seen, making it an exciting time for fans and players alike. For those keen on following the latest developments and insights in the world of golf, be sure to check out our further articles.


How many tournaments will LIV Golf host in 2024? LIV Golf, the Saudi-backed golf league, is gearing up for its third season in 2024 with a total of 14 events set to take place globally.

What is the prize money distribution for LIV Golf in 2024? The specific payout structure for LIV Golf in 2024 has not been detailed, but it is expected to be generous given the league’s history.

What does a winner earn at a LIV Golf tournament? A champion at any individual LIV Golf tournament in 2024 will pocket $4 million, while the player coming in last place will still walk away with $50,000. Additionally, the members of the winning team at each event will share a $3 million prize, dividing it among the four players. This prize fund is only surpassed by The Players Championship on the PGA Tour.

Are caddies compensated by LIV Golf? Yes, caddies in LIV Golf are well compensated. Unlike their PGA counterparts who must cover their own travel, food, and accommodation, LIV Golf caddies have all these expenses paid for them. In this aspect, being a caddie for LIV Golf is akin to being one of the players in terms of financial benefits.