Putting is often considered the most critical aspect of a golfer’s game. It’s where you truly earn your strokes, and a small improvement in your putting can have a significant impact on your overall score. As a professional golf coach, I’ve seen many players struggle with their putting, but with the proper techniques and practice, anyone can become a proficient putter. In this blog post, I’ll share valuable insights and tips on improving your putting, along with links to YouTube videos for visual guidance.

The Putting Setup

The foundation of successful putting begins with the correct setup. The following YouTube video by PGA Professional Me and My Golf provides an excellent demonstration of the ideal putting stance and grip:

In this video, you’ll learn the importance of a consistent setup, grip, and alignment. These are the fundamental building blocks for better putting.

The Putting Stroke

Your putting stroke should be smooth, consistent, and free from any unnecessary movements. Good Good’s YouTube video demonstrates how to achieve a simple and effective putting stroke:

This video offers great insights into maintaining a pendulum-like motion and eliminating common flaws in your putting stroke.

Reading Greens

One of the most challenging aspects of putting is reading greens accurately. To understand the contours and break of the green, check out this video by Golf Monthly:

This video will teach you the art of “green reading” and how to judge the speed and direction of your putts with precision.

Practice Drills

Regular practice is the key to improvement. The ‘Two Tee Gate Drill’ is an effective exercise to enhance your putting accuracy, as demonstrated in this YouTube video by Top Speed Golf:

Practice drills like this can help you develop a consistent putting stroke and improve your ability to hit your target line.

Putting Confidence

Confidence is crucial when it comes to putting. Golf Digest’s video, ‘3 Tips for Unshakeable Putting Confidence,’ provides valuable insights into building confidence on the greens:

This video will help you understand the mental aspect of putting and how to stay composed under pressure.

Putters and Equipment

Having the right putter and equipment can make a significant difference in your putting performance. To learn more about selecting the right putter for your game, watch this video by Mark Crossfield:

Mark provides valuable insights on finding a putter that suits your stroke and preferences.

Final Thoughts

Improving your putting is a journey that requires dedication, practice, and the right knowledge. By focusing on your setup, stroke, green reading, practice drills, confidence, and equipment, you can significantly enhance your putting skills. Be sure to watch the linked YouTube videos to reinforce your understanding of these critical aspects of putting.

Remember that patience and consistent practice are essential for long-term improvement. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, mastering the art of putting will lead to lower scores and a more enjoyable time on the golf course. So, get out there, work on your putting, and watch your game improve one putt at a time!

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